Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Wonderful Thing about Fathers

Well there are lots of wonderful things about dads.  One of the wonderful things my dad does (which is what the card I made him this year has to do with) is send out his daily devotional thoughts, which aren't cheesy and always make me think. One he did recently made me think of Ps. 65:8 which talks about God making the dawn and sunset shout for joy, thus the picture above, the front of his card.

I didn't want to do real pictures of sunsets and dawns with a verse over them because that just gives me the same kind of feeling as tv evangelists (I know I'm wierd). So that's why I did these pictures just using shapes and colors.  It felt less cheesy and I like the way it represents dawn and sunset even though its not as pretty as the real thing.

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