Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine for Ryleigh

This year I made my almost 5 year old niece a little box full of things for Valentine's Day:

This skillet chocolate chip cookie from Martha Stewart in heart-shaped miniature (made using these paper baking pans):

A little bag of red bear gummies with this sign I made on front (got the idea from this post on pinterest):

A package of pink heart peeps wrapped with a pink yarn bow:

And a LionHeart Making Kit (cut out the hearts and eyes for her and included instructions and the picture) from this post I found on pinterest as well. But I made the tiny nose and eyes pink.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The 5 Hour Cake (that is totally worth it if you have the time)

A few years ago a co-worker requested a German Chocolate Cake for her birthday. I found this Bobby Flay recipe online and decided to give it a try.  5 hours later it was done and I was so mad at that cake (made it on a weeknight). I told the cake (pictured above) it had better be worth it.

And it was!  It was definitely the best German Chocolate Cake I've ever had. But I decided it was only worth it for people who are special to me.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Mini "CheeseCake" for a Picky Eater

There are a lot of things my roommate doesn't like.  And while she does not like all cheeses, she is a big fan of Colby Jack and Mozarella.

So I got the idea from a co-worker, who was making a more adventurous cake out of cheese wheels for her birthday, to make my roommate  a mini one from her favorite cheeses.  And found the cute little peacock plate at Target.  I did put a candle on top too but took the picture before I did.